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Remodeling is an exciting experience filled with new ideas and anticipation. Each project feature should be
as special and unique as the people that live in the home. We know details matter. Our job is to ensure you
get the value, personal service and living results you deserve out of the investment in your home and lifestyle.

Regardless of the size, every project should provide quality, creative, functional design, efficient use of
resources and satisfied homeowners. This is what we believe and have worked hard to deliver since 1995
when RJ Builders began offering full-service home remodeling in Milwaukee's North Shore and surrounding

Our full-service design team provides imagination, inspiration and practicality to your home. If you are considering remodeling to add space, functionality or new aesthetics to your home, let us show you our passion for quality and our commitment to unmatched service.

From concept to completion, RJ Builders has proven to be a trusted partner for remodeling services that
add vision and value to your home. Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your remodeling
needs and goals.

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